Our Hallmark Honeymoon

Chapter 1 of the most amazing week….

We finally were able to get away and celebrate our honeymoon, almost 2 years later! Yes we were COVID newlyweds. We chose to head to northern Michigan. We didn’t know much about it, and neither of us have ever been, but we were intrigued by the sand dunes.

We left early Monday morning, after the girls were dropped off at school. Packing was a little challenging as the weather for the week was going from summer to fall overnight. But nonetheless we were ready for anything!

Ironically as we were on the turnpike just east of the Port Clinton area, we found our friends Jimmy and Liza driving west also. John called Jimmy and they told us they were driving the Upper Peninsula to celebrate their 12th anniversary!

The six and a half hour drive was beautiful. We hit a little bit of construction and traffic at the beginning of Michigan, but once through that it was gorgeous and peaceful. The leaves had already began to change colors, so it made the drive like riding through a painting.

The first small town we stopped in was Cedar. Their tag line was a community that cares. They do not have a traffic light, but yet a hanging stop sign on the center of their town. While John was filling up i couldn’t help but stare at the cute old man in overalls in front of us. This entire town made me so happy and i knew this trip was going to be a dream.

We finally arrived at our place for the week…..exactly at the time John put down for our checkin. He’s so good! As we pulled up the hill to our place i was speechless. Was this real life? Is this really where i get to stay for a week? This place was right out of a Hallmark Movie. We walked in the main house to check in and were welcomed by a man about our age. He was so welcoming and said “my name is Ty and me and Rachel are the innkeepers here!” Ok now i was convinced i had stepped on to the set of a Hallmark Movie.

The cabins we so cute and it sort of gave me flashbacks to camp when i was little. The sound of the screen doors on the cabin reminded me of Camp Mi-Bro-Be that i went to in 6th grade. The sounds of cars driving on the gravel and the rustling of the leaves quickly brought me back to my days at church camp.

The view from our room was the lake. Oh my goodness it was the most beautiful view ever. Out the sliding glass door we had seats to just sit and enjoy the quietness.

The front lawn had a wooden swing and patio furniture for relaxing. The wrap around porch had wicker furniture with oversized cushions. Off the front lawn was stairs leading down to Lake Leelanau and our provided docks. You could sit and relax on the Adirondack chairs, rent a kayak, or fish!

Welcome to the Whaleback Inn! I already never want to leave and we haven’t even unpacked!

3 thoughts on “Our Hallmark Honeymoon

  1. It’s funny how the future is never as we see it. In the blink of an eye our lives change and again …. the future is never as we dreamed. A wish of a Hallmark man with children…. a search for a soulmate….life paths cross…friendship turns to love…and here you are today ~ 2 years later living a true dream that is your real life HALLMARK movie…. YES, dreams do come true and good people, DO FINISH FIRST. Can’t think of two people who deserve this life more.

    Thanks for sharing your vacation….awesome pictures and definitely a perfect location to film a Hallmark movie.😊. 💕 you both, hugs…m

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