Glen Arbor Township

Chapter 3….

Good morning from paradise! This morning we woke up and it was chilly! Fall is definitely right around the corner. We woke up a little bit before sunrise and the inn keepers were just setting up the coffee and oatmeal bar on the main porch. This was just steps away from our cabin and the coffee was SO GOOD!!!

We headed down the M22 to check out another small town, Glen Arbor. As soon as we hit the town we were so excited to get out and walk around. We had breakfast at a small corner bar. Arts Tavern definitely had the small town feel. The decor was sporty and every inch was covered with pennants from every sports team and college in the US!

After breakfast we walked to the lake. It was windy but the water was beautiful. The blue and green was so vibrant and no matter how deep the lake is, you can see the bottom. The sand is soft and very fine. I can’t believe I’m standing on Lake Michigan. I feel like I’m in the Caribbean!

We headed back down the road to explore the town some more. It was quiet and were the only tourists. This town is full of old buildings and unique art pieces. The have a small post office, book store, gallery, clothing stores, ice cream shops, a fudge shop, a small plaza with a hair salon, lawyers office and clothing store. They also have a small outdoor store, real estate office and winery.

We stopped inside the Cherry Republic shop. This was a beautiful little spot. They had a retails shop, a fresh cherry stand, a restaurant and a wine tasting building. They sell more cherry based products then you could even imagine. This place was founded in 1989 and every year it continues to grow.

3 thoughts on “Glen Arbor Township

    1. Yes! The towns seemed dog friendly just not the place we stayed. But i am sure there are other cabin rentals that would allow Abby!!!


  1. Another day in 2021…yet my mind and ❤️ feel 12 years old again (1963). I feel like I’m looking thru a view master of “what use to be” and I love it. Your photos are amazing…one is more beautiful than the next. I keep looking for Andy and Barney to appear somewhere…again enjoying each moment you share…..big tight thank you hugs…m

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