A friendly tavern and fishing!

Chapter 8….

For lunch we stopped at Joe’s friendly tavern in Empire. Another very small town that reminded me of New Martinsville, WV. It had a store or two, a restaurant and a post office. The restaurant was like a small rustic diner. The servers were so friendly and the food was delicious.

After lunch John was itching to fish. We went back up North, just outside of Leland. We found a cute little park with tree trunk stairs leading down to the water. John didn’t catch anything but i think he just enjoyed fishing on the beautiful lake.

3 thoughts on “A friendly tavern and fishing!

  1. Somethings never change….Johnny would fish with his FISHER PRICE fishing pole in a puddle after a rain shower…I’d say to my 2 year old “what you fishing for?” He’d look at me and say “fishies mommy” … his fishing poles are bigger…his puddles are lakes now… but every time I see him fishing, it takes me right back to the days his passion for fishing and his happy place the water all started. Here’s a secret…it melted my ❤️ back then and still does to this day ~ no matter how old either one of us get. Love you babe and love you too 😇…m

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