Sutton’s Bay

Chapter 9….

Wednesday evening we decided to check out the North Country bar and grill in Sutton’s Bay! What a quaint little town. It quickly became John’s favorite. Inside was rustic and the glossy wood was gorgeous. It had a small U shaped bar and less then 10 tables. It also had a heated patio on the side. We sat at a small table for 2. John was blown away with the fish options. I chose a cheeseburger with no bun that they grilled outside! John had the whitefish! We both had a salad with homemade croutons that had a sweet (and delicious) flavor!

After dinner we walked around the park and marina behind the bar. They had an adorable park on the sand and it made me miss my nanny kids. The library was just a cute house. The marina housed beautiful boats. Across Grand Traverse Bay you could see the cherry orchard!

3 thoughts on “Sutton’s Bay

  1. Another great find, looks to be another unique town. You trip has been a treasure chest of one amazing find after another….love tagging along your memories…hugs 😘…m

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