Our Hallmark Honeymoon has come to an end!

Chapter 12….the final chapter

Ugh i am beyond sad this week is over. I thought places like this only existed in movies. The small towns. The lakes. The people. It was the perfect place for the two of us!

Some fun and unique things we noticed while being in this area up north. No one has wraps or rice on their menus. Blue Gill and prime rib is very common at most restaurants. Also many different types of burgers. Up north is definitely s beef area as it was rare to see grilled chicken on the menu. The main soup at the majority of the restaurants is tomato basil. We may be close to Canada, but we didn’t see any Canadian geese that are everywhere back home. The only seagull sighting we saw was at Sutton’s Bay. We never saw one gym or yoga studio. The sidewalks roll up at about 5pm. The restaurants/bars only stay open until 10pm at the latest. Strangely it is very difficult to find an outdoor store that sells bait and tackle. The news never talks about COVID. You don’t have the crime up there so they news is actually uplifting. They even do a hunting and fishing segment every morning.

Fast food and chain restaurants do not exists! It’s glorious. You want coffee? Go to the local shop? You want a meal? Find a local restaurant. You want pizza? Find a local shop (there arent many) and go pick it up. No one delivers and there is no door dash. You need groceries? You either go to a local market or you make a trip to traverse city. There isn’t curb side service so you better be prepared to get out of your car. There are no drug stores, just a local pharmacy in some towns. J

They don’t have any street lights, but rather they have a large bulb on a wire hanging over the road when there is a cross road. i also love that there are no car dealerships, large buildings or senseless and excessive amounts of plazas.

Grayling MI
His odometer hit 55555 and he was very excited

We are safely home. We are missing the simple way of life and looking forward to visiting again!!!! Thanks for joining in on our adventures with us. Any recommendations for similar destinations in the US?

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