The sights and sounds of October!

The weather in northeast Ohio is a little odd so far this October. The morning and nights have a chill in the air, but the days are humid and the sun is hot. The outlook for this month shows we are on target to tie the record for high humidity days of 12+! It’s kind of a mix of fall and summer and you know I’m loving that!

However the playgrounds are quiet and i am quickly reminded summer is over. This summer the parks were filled with kids, families and child cares. Now we usually just see a few people walking dogs and an occasional younger child.

The quietness isn’t all bad because now we can really hear nature. The leaves crunch under our feet during our morning walks. The crickets and birds can’t always be seen, but we can definitely hear them. We can hear the ducks splashing into the pond and we love to count how many we see. The trees sway and make loud sounds, similar to a beautiful i windy day, but it’s just the squirrels jumping from branch to branch!

The leaves have just begun to change colors but the recent rain has caused many leaves to start falling. We enjoy finding the colored leaves on the ground!

I wonder how this humidity will affect the leaves? Will they change colors before they all fall to the ground? Will they not fall as fast?

One thought on “The sights and sounds of October!

  1. Simple…beautiful …pictures and words to describe fall. You don’t only have an eye for a cameras lens…but thoughts to bring life to your photography. Kudos again ~ another amazing sharing quality of yours. Thanks for always sharing…hugs…m

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