Sunday Funday with J&J

Well the first “big” snowfall is heading to northeast Ohio. We are just on the line of expecting 6-9” overnight. Now we don’t have to work tomorrow so that takes some of the anxiety away. As for today, the weather was beautiful. The temps were just in the 20’s but the sun was shining bright. We were able to sleep in (7am) and enjoy a slow morning and a warm breakfast.

I did another low impact workout at the gym and my husband did his cardio on the track with me! We listen to our music and don’t communicate with each other, but just nice to have a walking buddy sometimes.

After cardio John wanted to focus on shoulders. I used the lightest dumbbells again and while he did some additional workouts, i just stretched!

After the gym we started prepping our chili dinner so it could simmer (torture me) all afternoon. This is me wearing a pot lid in my hoodie so the onions would stop burning my eyes 🤣. Ridiculous but effective!

While the chili “got happy” i cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. We made lunch and kind of just relaxed all afternoon. We are bunkered down and going to enjoy the snowfall inside our warm home!

Five hours later and the chili looks and smells amazing!

I added some fat free shredded cheese, homemade ranch, and some low calorie oyster crackers. Oh my goodness i had to stop myself from eating multiple bowls of this 😋

The snowfall has begun and we are in for the night!

One thought on “Sunday Funday with J&J

  1. A Sunday… A Funday…A lLoved Husband…A Loved Wife… all adds up to A PERFECT LIFE! Enjoy cozied up and watching the snowfall from the inside….hugs and 💕 you both…m


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