Open Heart Surgery & Covid

Well week three of 2022 has been eventful. My youngest bonus daughter had to undergo open heart surgery. She was born with a hole in her heart and at 8 months old had her first surgery. We knew eventually she would need another surgery to have a valve replaced and that time was now. She just turned 11 but she is tall and entered the womanly phase of her life, so it was time to help her heart get stronger! It was a long day at the Cleveland Clinic but the surgery couldn’t have gone better. Her mom stayed overnight with her and my husband went down during the days. On her 5th day in the hospital, they sent her home. She was up and walking, pain was minimal and she didn’t require any tubes or oxygen. What a rockstar! She truly is a Congenital Heart Warrior!

My oldest bonus daughter keeping me sane
Trying to keep my husband distracted
My husband sent me this from up in her hospital room prior to surgery!
Minutes before she went back for surgery
A visit from Trotter, the clinic dog!
Music therapy with her favorite instrument
Finding out she gets to come home

I unexpectedly had the entire week off from work because everyone had Covid. I was super sad being away from all my favorite people, but so thankful i wasn’t exposed since my daughter was having a major surgery. Somehow the universe aligned for me. My work besties are all starting to slowly feel better and I’m so grateful no one ended up in the hospital.

But wait there’s more… coach for my baton corp also has Covid. She has been down for 2 weeks and we are trying to prep for our first competition of the season. It has been nuts but her healthy and all the girls staying healthy is our number one priority. She, too, is finally starting to feel better and i hope i get to see her beautiful face this week. Our competition is in 6 days and we have a lot to do!

Needless to say this week has been insane. I’m hoping life starts to return to somewhat normal this week! With that being said, praying my mom’s cataract surgery goes well this week!!!!

5 thoughts on “Open Heart Surgery & Covid

  1. What a week it was…what a year already…your plate was turned into a platter…and you AMAZING woman ~ held it together…made it thru…and never missed a beat. You are the glue that does not only hold Your Family together…but the Nanny Family…and your Pink Lady Family…and we are all blessed to have you in our lives….big tight THANY YOU hugs filled with ❤️…m

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