Staying healthy at home!

Well life has really been “different” these last few weeks. I’m still off work due to my nanny family having Covid. My coach is finally back after 2 weeks off for Covid. I’m missing my nanny kids like crazy. I’m super stressed with all the work we need to do to get ready for our first baton twirling competition. But on a positive note I’ve had lots of me time. I’ve basically just been at home. The house is super clean and I’m running out of things to organize! I’ve done a lot of home work outs because it’s been so cold and snowy but i have made it to the gym a few times! We continue to cook our healthy meals at home and i do enjoy making a hot lunch! All in all life is good despite everything going on! The most important part is all my loved ones are home resting with Covid and no one has needed medical attention!

Shoveling is great cardio
Adding weights to my workouts has been really great!
Protein pancakes and eggs is a favorite breakfast around here!
Strawberries and sugar free syrup
Another yummy breakfast! Low calorie muffin, a slice of toast and fruit & yogurt!
Low carb wrap, fat free salsa, chick pea and veggie salad for lunch!
After a crazy week we decided to get subs for dinner! I added some veggies and skipped the chips!
Hot lunch at home!
Pork, brown rice and asparagus
Sweet potato and pork!
Found some ritz crisps that are dangerously good but i made sure i portioned them out!
Snack buffet when i can’t decide!
High protein breakfasts are needed some days!

4 thoughts on “Staying healthy at home!

  1. It’s mind boggling the stuff you can accomplish when time allows it…and the bonus is… the thought of doing it hasn’t even left your mind and made it to your TO-DO list…and BAM it’s done 😊😊😊. Best of luck to all the girls at competition…this has to be a very special one on soooo many levels….cherish every moment. Looks like your amazing CHEF and YOU are eating well and still working out no matter what the weather 👍👍🖐🖐 to you both. Stay warm and relax today now that all your work is done 😂😂😂…but really is a WOMAN’S work ever done 🤔🤔🤔🤔….hugs…m

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