Build A Bear, Birthday, Baton

Another busy but fun week. My parents gifted my bonus daughter a gift card to build a bear so she could make a stuffed animal with a new heart like her. She chose the 25th anniversary heart puppy. It was perfect and she had fun making it. You’re never too old for a new stuffy!

Another year around the sun for my mother in law. We celebrated a little early so the girls could be there. My oldest bonus daughter had a friends party to go to but my youngest replaced her with her bestie 😂. We had a nice dinner and they enjoyed cake! Always fun to get together and celebrate a special day for a wonderful woman!

My alumni twirler is a senior on the Ohio State twirling team. They traveled to Disney for the twirlmania competition. They won 1st place and i could not be more happy for Sydney and her team!

One thought on “Build A Bear, Birthday, Baton

  1. Life is good…we are blessed….Karalyn is doing AMAZING ~ she truly is a SUPER GIRL ~ a HERO…..Sydney is an Ohio State senior ~ fulfilling her dreams ~ and adding cherished memories to her ❤️ treasures….and I continue another 🎂 year ~ blessed with my priceless gifts of life ~ you kids….thanks for the moment and the memories………hugs…m

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