Fresh food, fresh air & fitness!

This past weekend northeast Ohio experienced a fake spring. The weather was high 60’s/low 70’s. Absolutely perfect. My goal is always to get my bonus daughters outside and just enjoy nature. Unplug and get your bodies moving. My youngest was enjoying taking photos of the beautiful sky!

As well as moving our bodies and getting outside, we really try to get them to eat healthy. Both of them suffer with health issues and i want to teach them how much our diets effect every area of our lives. For the few days a month they are at our house we only eat at home. We don’t keep any junk food, processed food or prepackaged food in the house and we encourage lots of fruits and veggies. The girls always eat really well and always seem to enjoy what we cook them. Healthy food is delicious and cooking at home is sooooo much healthier than eating out. Even if it’s the exact same meal!

Walleye bites
Chicken and sweet potato chips
Sometimes the girls don’t want to go but we still make sure we get out and enjoy the beautiful day. Can’t push, just encourage!

4 thoughts on “Fresh food, fresh air & fitness!

  1. Yes just a tease with the Spring like weather. We got out too. Always feels good when the sun is shining even if it’s cold. You are a great example Hope the girls are paying attention!

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