Cleveland Boat Show

Well at the last minute we had some free time and decided to go to the boat show. John’s friend had given us free tickets so that was nice also. My sister in law had mentioned early in the week that they were going and also john fishing buddy was planning on going. So the timing worked out perfect. We first hung out with Jimmy and Liza. We watched a seminar, walked around and of course we had to see the squirrel water ski. While the boys were in their second seminar, i went and found my niece. I walked around with her and we watched a paddle board seminar. She also did a virtual sailing class. I can totally see her doing this on the lake! We had a fun afternoon and it made me super excited for summer!

One thought on “Cleveland Boat Show

  1. The Boat Show is definitely the kick off to warm weather and summer fun anticipation filling your thoughts and ❤️….then reality hits….cold… wet weather… and the forecast of even some snow 😱😱😱😂😂😂. Looks like a fun day was had…😘…m

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