Competition #2 Teams

Well this competition my lips weren’t swollen, but i have an awesome sore in the corner of my mouth 😂. At this point it’s just a running joke with my students…

But anyways on to the great part of the day! Gosh i couldn’t love my twirlers anymore. Our second competition was local at Avon Lake High School. The teams FINALLY looked competition ready on the floor. A few more drops then i would have loved to see, but they did really awesome!

Pinkettes is my newest competition members. They received fifth place solely on the fact that their routine just lacks enough hard content. They are all new this season and they are learning harder tricks as they go. But oh did these girls put on a show. They smiled the entire time and they didn’t mess up at all. I was so unbelievably proud of them and i told them they were the best performing Pink Ladies team of the day!!!!

Pink Passion is our large show team. It’s all our “veteran” competition twirlers on the same team. They did a wonderful job and listened to all our correction from the first competition. The judge seemed to really enjoy their performance and they received first place!

My last team of the day was Pink Diamonds. They are a group of our 6 best total twirlers. This means they have the best work ethic, practice and overall have wonderful attitudes. They did a wonderful job and earned 1st place. Although they dropped their batons more than usual, they put on a beautiful performance.

5 thoughts on “Competition #2 Teams

  1. Kudos and high 🖐 to each and everyone of the girls…awesomely done to each of you 🤗. How proud your coaches must be…each of your accomplishments are their greatest rewards. ❤️ students…❤️ coaches = the PINK LADIES….keep up the good work…hugs..m

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  2. Hello! I am Stephanie Eberle from Utah. I received my blog book today (Snuggie2u), from Into Real Pages, but it was all of your blog pages. Wondering if you received your book from Into Real Pages with all of my content? Nice blog, BTW.

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    1. Are you serious? That’s crazy and sad because I’m anxiously awaiting mine 😂. I have not received a book yet but i will definitely let you know if yours comes to me. Did you contact them and let them know? Huge mistake as i live in northeast Ohio! Thanks for the kind words and letting me know!


    1. I emailed them also. This was my first time ordering from them and this does not make me happy. I am however extremely grateful for you! Wonder where your book was shipped 😂. Would be nice if at least it ends up here so you know where it is! I’ll let you know if i hear back from them!


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