My blog book went on a trip to Utah!

A few weeks ago i used Into Real Pages to print my blog. This week i received a message from a kind woman in Utah that she has my book!! What? How did this happen? The cover was of her blog but the contents inside were all my blog. Ummm huge error on the printing company! I was a little taken back that my life was in the hands of a stranger, but how sweet of her to find me and let me know. The two of us reached out to the company and after a few days they responded to us. In the mean time i received my book and it was printed correctly. The company wanted to give me a partial refund but i asked for a full refund and they agreed. They are also reprinted my Utah blogger buddies book for her and hopefully it is correct this time. She is also sending me the copy of my book that she received. After a stressful few days i can honestly say there is still good in this world and it all worked out. I’ve always wanted to visit Utah so I’m glad my blog got to do it for me 😂

Her blog cover
My contents inside
My blog book

5 thoughts on “My blog book went on a trip to Utah!

    1. Oh the quality is amazing and it’s so nice to have a hard copy of your blog and photos. Although they made a huge error i believe it was an honest mistake because i know several people who have used this company and had no issues.

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      1. I definitely plan on doing this in the fall with one of my older blogs. I LOVE the idea SO much! What a beautiful memory to have all those pictures and stories to read through, and a lovely keepsake for the kids when they’re grown up. Thank you for sharing about it!!

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  1. They say there’s always a positive….you made a new acquaintance…maybe someday life will take you to Utah…you and Stephanie will get to meet…chat….and laugh. Glad it was all made right and you have a hard copy of your treasured blogs…hugs…m


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