A mermaid needs pretty nails!

Karalyn requested getting her nails done before her vacation to Arizona. I was fortunate enough that my nail tech was able to squeeze her in. She was delighted that he was able to give her the design she found online!

We enjoyed the rest of the day in our development pool. I think karalyn could swim 24/7! We never mind though because we enjoy being outside heat!

After dinner Karalyn requested to go back to the pool. We had already showered but we relaxed on the couch under the pergola and watched our mermaid swim!

One thought on “A mermaid needs pretty nails!

  1. Mermaid nails…❤️ of water…and swims like a fish…think she may be a real live mermaid❓❓❓ 😊….all I know is ~ she’s a cutie in or out of the water…love that girl to the moon and back…great photos of another fun family day….hugs with 💕….m

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