Summer Through My Lens

Week 3

6.19.22 Switching reels

Vacation for me has begun and it started on Lake Erie 💕 My dad, John and i went fishing. The weather was perfect, although cool at times, but we enjoyed the day. We caught a catfish and a white bass, but no walleye. We can blame the Mayflies for that. A day on the water is better than working (as the boys would say)!

6.20.22 Huron, Ohio

Tuesday was HOT. The temp was in the 90’s. I scrapbooked a little and then read my book at the pool. In the evening i coached for a few hours. They gym wasn’t hot but it was humid.


Wednesday was another hot 90°+ day. I finally was able to get my nails and toes done. In the afternoon i cooled down in the pool and did a few more scrapbook pages!


Thursday i decided i needed some retail therapy. Life’s been a little stressful and i needed a good walk around target 😂. While there i saw a beautiful shower curtain. It inspired me to redecorate the hallway bathroom because it definitely needed a fresh look. The shower curtain and rugs had seen better days. I chose turquoise, not because i love that color, but it just looked fresh, clean and gave off a calm vibe. Grabbed some new rugs, hand towel and changed the wall art! Sometimes it’s the little things that cheer us up!


Bonus photo….Thursday night was superhero night at baton. Here i am with some of my girls. And yes the little one is dressed up (and posed) like Mulan. She told me princesses are superheroes. She’s not wrong!

Date night. This photo was taken on my phone!

Saturday we played at the lake. It was a beautiful summer day!


4 thoughts on “Summer Through My Lens

  1. Love the new bathroom look!!
    Those costumes are SO fun. I always love a silly, fun reason to get dressed up with friends. 🙂
    I love the color on your toes. I think that this week – in COVID quarantine – I’m going to do my fingernails and toes in fun summer colors!! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We have a dress code for practice so over the summer and special days throughout the year, i allow them to pick fun spirit days! Funny thing is they are so well trained a lot of them just wear the dress code 😂!
      Oh it’s the perfect week for you to do your toes and nails in fun colors!


  2. Sound and looks like a perfect vacation….we all need time to rejuvenate….breathe…and regroup ……sounds like you’re relaxed and ready for whatever Monday brings 😊…m

    Liked by 1 person

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