Nanny Camp

Week 3

We’re back and we all have a little bit of a vacation hangover. The nanny family was down south all last week and i was at home having a staycation by myself! The kids jumped right back into the routine. Monday morning we were back at the pool first thing in the morning to prepare for another swim meet. The oldest was the first one in the pool helping her coach set up lane lines. She loves being a helper!

After swimming we headed to the playground and had a picnic lunch. It was only in the mid 70’s and it was cold in the shade but we enjoyed the sunshine ☀️ and blue skies! We were at a playground near a library so before we ate the oldest read us the story on the storybook trail!

The quote of the week by my 2 year old nanny girl “that smells red!” She was referring to my hand sanitizer!

Tuesday we went to a playground in Avon that we haven’t been to in a long time. The oldest requested we go back there. Another beautiful day. Sun was shining and the temp was 71°. We played hard on the climbers before we had a picnic lunch. Afterwards we went for a hike. My nanny boy was excited to bring his camera to capture photos of birds. It was challenge for him because, well, birds fly when you approach them. He finally found a Robin that would cooperate!

My photography intern!

Wednesday was a very special day for everyone. After our normal morning swim practice we came back to the house. Nana came to pick up the 2 big kids and they went and saw the new Buzz Lightyear movie. The littlest one and i went to meet Mr John for lunch. They are besties and talk everyday on the phone so they enjoyed real time together!

My nanny boy drew a race car and the garage is came out. Above is the sunset. I love that he enjoys drawing!
Keeping our brain fresh over the summer!

We finished the week strong. After the oldest finished swim practice we headed to the park. The temp was in the 90’s but that doesn’t stoop us. We went the playground with the swing zip line. They requested this playground. We played hard and we were hot. To cool down we did the historical walk in the woods. The oldest LOVES history and she was so excited. My nanny boy was hot and hungry but he was a trooper. We left the woods and headed to the pavilion for a picnic lunch!

After everyone rested we quickly headed to the library. My oldest nanny girl completed her reading board. Yes she read 16 hours in less than a month. She was so excited and could wait to turn in her game board for a prize. Now can she finish 2 game boards this summer??? she picked out a chapter book from the prize shelf. I’m so proud of this girl!

8 thoughts on “Nanny Camp

  1. So much summer fun!!!
    I bet you are the coolest nanny ever! 🙂
    I love the little daily, “what we did” journals that you do with them. I’ve been meaning to start something like that with my kids. I’m going to have to stop at Hobby Lobby later this week and pick up a few notebooks. 🙂

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    1. I am sooooo blessed to be the nanny for this family. We are going on 5 years this fall. I absolutely love my job and these kids are beyond amazing.
      I grabbed a sketch pad at the dollar tree for their journals. They look forward to doing them everyday and i think it will be a fun memory for years to come!

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      1. Ooh, Dollar Tree!! Even BETTER! I am definitely stopping there once our quarantine is done. What a fun way for us to finally kick off summer, grabbing sketch pads and preparing to record all our fun summery things in them. 🙂 Thank you for the idea!
        I love how much you enjoy being a nanny to that family. It sounds as though you bless them, and they bless you. And that’s just SO amazing!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I CANNOT wait for summer to officially kick off for us. Ha, ha! AND we have a little vacay coming up soon too. So much to look forward to, and – while I’ve enjoyed quarantine more than I thought I would – I cannot wait for the chance of scenery. 🙂 Thank you for faithfully following along!

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  2. What another fun chapter in Nanny Summer Camp…’s always so exciting following them thru each day….thanks for sharing the fun…the laughs…the special moments of the days…🤗…m


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