Nanny camp end of July

Yikes where is the summer going???? July seems like a blur! Now that sports and almost all camps are done, we were able to travel to one of our favorite parks. It’s in the next county over and it’s adorable. On the path they have little play houses, a stage area, faces on trees, cute bridges and tunnels and some art painted on the sidewalks. We could literally spend all day there!

Our next big adventure was the zoo. Can you believe it’s been a year since i was there? I use to basically live there but as the kids get older, life gets busier! We had so much fun seeing all the new babies, the Asian lanterns, and we even got to see the the corpse flower in bloom which is very rare. People were waiting almost an hour to see it up close, but we opted to see it from afar!!!

I’m a monkey!
Added bonus i found this on a plant

We also went to the ninja warrior park that we have not been to since Presidents’ Day. The kids absolutely love running the corse there!

Last week we found a brand new park. We were on a mission to visit somewhere we have never been….and we loved it!!! Oh my goodness such an awesome find. It was a little further away, but totally worth the drive. The playground have everything, including 2 zip lines which all 3 kids were fans of! They had several climbers, a rock wall, swings, and a sandpit. Just next to the playground was the most amazing safety town. It was not being used that day so we, along with a dozen other kids, played on the streets and with the mini buildings. Again we could have spent an entire day there! We will be back for sure!

My nanny boy thinks this looks like my parents house!

One thought on “Nanny camp end of July

  1. Thanks for sharing Nanny Camps ending to the month of July….and I must say what an amazing ending it was….with re-visits to favorite parks….the zoo…and finding a new fantastic park….without a doubt It it will be revisited often….again a big hug…to thank each of you… for sharing your awesome memories from your week. Your nanny kids are getting so big…what a blessed family and a blessed nanny…..💞…m


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