Air you can wear

When it’s 100° outside you either play in the water or on the water. We made sure to get our morning workout in bright and early to beat the extremes heat! The morning views were gorgeous! We quick grabbed some coffee and a breakfast sandwich from our favorite shop in town and then it was time to play!

We opted for fishing on the boat, of course. It was hot hot but once you were in the middle of the lake it was tolerable. Sadly I think the fish were hiding from the heat , but a day on the boat is never a waste of a day!

We returned home to a delicious home cooked meal that mom had prepared for us!!! After a nice dinner, we headed home BUT not before stopping for some ice cream at our favorite place. “It’s on the way” 😂

She’s so good during meal time

5 thoughts on “Air you can wear

  1. Sounds like the ending to a perfect weekend….time with your parents…Abby….good food…🎣…boating….your favorite coffee….and air you can wear…..does life get any better than that?….thanks for sharing hugs….m

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    1. Aw thank you. My husband gave me an anchor on a silver chain because of the lyrics to a Jimmy buffet song. It was my wedding gift. The yellow gold one was his grandmothers 💕

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