Nanny Camp Week 8

I’m so sad summer is coming to an end. The kids are definitely ready for the structure of school but can’t we just do that from home 😂!?

Monday was a little gloomy out so we started our day at the library. It was also a big day because the oldest competed her 2nd reading long. That means she read 32 hours this summer. She is amazing and so determined! Her prize was another chapter book!

They’ve recently added this cool interactive table which kept the little one entertained while the big kids played an educational game on the computer. After they enjoyed some time inside we headed out to the large castle playground.

While at the library i jumped on the app and registered the little one for several story times, a teddy bear day and music classes. The library has so much to offer for children (and adults) of all ages. We are blessed to live in a county with such amazing programs!

And September is full 😂

Tuesday we found a hidden gem. The weather was very iffy. It was gloomy and lightly raining. It wasn’t supposed to last all morning but it sure wasn’t clearing up fast. The oldest and i were googling indoor activities and we discovered one of our favorite parks has an indoor area. WHAT??? How did we not discover this before? So needless to say we jumped in the car to check out this nature center! It was awesome! Dinosaur themed and so many things to explore. They also had a play area which is exactly what we needed. After we played inside for quite awhile, we went for a hike outside. Very successful day!

Wednesday the weather was beautiful. We decided to pack a lunch and head out for the day. We haven’t been to the playground near the lake in forever so that is where we went!!! Couldn’t ask for a better view while eating lunch!

We ended the week at a small playground on the metro parks trails. We also helped clean up our toys to help mom prepare for this weekends celebration. Another week of summer is gone but we are making the most of the days we have left!

4 thoughts on “Nanny Camp Week 8

  1. Playgrounds…..parks… finds….the lake….the metro parks…hiking…library time….rain…sunshine….and a Dino Discovery inside area too……I’d say it was even more than a successful week… was an EXCELLENT WEEK 😊😘🤗….m

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