New name, same girl!

Did you notice my blog name changed? I started my blog almost 2 years ago with the name Mama Bears Adventures. The name mama bear was giving to me by my baton students because i always had their backs and did what was best for them. I love that they call me that. My photography name is Mama Bears Memories. I wear that name proudly but i felt it was a little misleading as a blog title. My blog is not about my life as a “mom,” but more just about my adventures in life. I relate more to being a lake girl, as that is where i like to spend most of my free time. My house is decorated in lake themed. I wear anchors on a chain around my neck. I am a lake girl forever and i feel this represents me best! So although the page name has changed, the content is still the same!

8 thoughts on “New name, same girl!

  1. Lake Girl….Mama. Bear… still are….always will be….the same JILL that is loved by sooooo many. No matter where your adventures take you….your kindness and love touches others…..I will never forget the look in those baby blue eyes and his pearly white smile that said “mom…I found my soulmate” and that was even before I knew your name was Jill 🤗…. 💗 you bunches Lake Girl….m

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