J & J Diner summer edition

Steak and zucchini
Chicken Philly
Steak and potatoes
Spaghetti squash and non garlic bread
Turkey loin
Protein pancakes
Burgers and fries
Pork chop, veggies, rice
Smoked kielbasa, peppers and rice
Christmas in July stuffed peppers
Pork & potatoes
Grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup
Dinner salads
My favorite snack! Rice cake, PB2, strawberries
Steak tips and cheesy rice
Steak & corn on the cob 🌽
Pork, veggies, rice
Fajita burrito
Burrito bake
Burrito bake
Steak and potatoes
Blueberry protein pancakes
Strawberries and low carb quesadilla
Chicken pot pie 🥧
Zucchini boats
Grilled chicken and French fries!

3 thoughts on “J & J Diner summer edition

  1. What an awesome menu…..A cook….a photographer….good food…great desserts…..amazing photos…all adds up to the perfect twosome who will never go hungry….😉. Love your sharing and love you both…..hugs…m

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