Last night in Michigan

While in the southern west side of Michigan, we had to make sure we visited one of John’s childhood friends. Chad is a park ranger for the Palisades Park and lives there year round with his wife and son. To be honest with you, I’ve never really seen a private park rangers home inside a gated housing area. It was literally like something out of a movie. Chad, and Fisher, took us all around on the golf cart for a tour. The park had beautiful, older homes, all spaced out in the woods. We saw their soda shop and area where they all gather for activities. The entire park sits along side of Lake MI and Chad has built a gorgeous boardwalk the entire length of the park. Chad also has to keep the clay courts in tact every single day! He does so much work there, but it’s beautiful. Most people only live there over the summer, so he said it is pretty quite over the winter, but it allows him time to get all the projects done.

That evening we ate dinner with Chad and his family in South Haven, which is just about 10 minutes from his park. After dinner John and i fished and watched one last MI sunset at South Beach. Is it me or does it feel like every sunset just gets better and better?

One thought on “Last night in Michigan

  1. What awesome memories and photos…lighthouses…sunsets….and my son ….always touch my ❤️…thank you my special 😇for touching my day…love you bunches…m


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