Amish Country

It’s our annual girls day. Every fall my mom, annalee and i head south to Amish country. This year my mom’s other best friend, Debby, joined us because she was in town for the high school reunion. The day is filled with laughter, shopping, eating and chaos. It’s similar to taking all my nanny kids to the mall, but my nanny kids follow directions better 😂. Kidding, but these ladies are a hoot and there is all sorts of shenanigans that happen.

When you loose the ladies, you wait in the trunk for them to return 😝

One thought on “Amish Country

  1. Love the photos of you day with the “GIRLS”….sounds like your day was a “laugh till you pee your pants” kind of day 😂😂😂😂 my favorite kind of day‼️‼️‼️…thanks for sharing hugs…m

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