Fall Walleye Fishing 🎣

Every fall we all participate in the Walleye Fall Brawl and the Walleye Slam. Anyone can participate but weigh in stations are in areas along Lake Erie in northern Ohio! I finished 16th in the women’s division but as my niece says “I’m 16th in the world” which i think sounds much better 😉. We didn’t win any money, or trophy, or even a boat, but we had so much fun and we caught so many fish. You wouldn’t believe the large “fish Ohio” we were throwing back because we were hitting our limit and searching for a bigger fish! John and Jimmy fished as often as they could. Liza and i joined them on the nice days 😉 but i think they learned quickly they needed us for the big fish! My dad didn’t get out as much as he would like, thanks to a torn meniscus, but after a quick surgery he will be ready to go in the spring!!!

My dad snuck in some perch fishing!
Elf on the shelf or John on the rocks?

2 thoughts on “Fall Walleye Fishing 🎣

  1. It fills my heart,,,to see the way you fill my sons heart…you are definitely his soulmate….you are every answered prayer …and with all my ❤️….I believe there is nothing the two of you can’t face or get thru…and to think you found another couple to enjoy 🎣 with you ….and people say miracles don’t exist 😊😊😊…you made my day,,,thanks…😘..m

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