Last 🥎 tournament of the year

Cally played in her last softball tournament of the year but it was also her debut tournament with her new team. She now plays for the Vipers. Most of her teammates also tried out and made the new team also. I was blown away by the growth of these girls in just a few months. They lost in the finals but they were still awarded rings for making it as far as they did. They went from being young and just starting to learn the game, to a group of girls ready to compete. I am so proud of all of them!!!

They played at the cedar point sports complex.

One thought on “Last 🥎 tournament of the year

  1. What a great year for Cally… to able to follow her and support is a double bonus…first for her…to see how much you all care…hear all your voices cheering her on…second for all of your…to be proud of her accomplishments…her growth…and for both of you to share treasured memories forever….now that’s a ring‼️‼️‼️‼️…hugs…m

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