Merry Christmas Part 2

In the early evening Mother Nature cooperated and we were able to travel to my aunt and uncles house. They only live about 30 minutes away, but if the roads were still slick, we weren’t going to plan on going. Gosh I’m glad it cleared up because this is the first time in 3 years, all the Folino’s were back together!!!!

My Folino Family
Brother Donny, niece Cally and SIL Brittany
John, Karalyn, Me
Dad and Mom
Aunt Terri and Uncle Dan with their grandchildren Jude, Kristiana, Sophia and Pierce
My cousin Amanda, her husband Jay, her brother Daniel and the 3 beautiful children
My cousin Rob, his wife Brittney and their daughter Sophia

It was so fun to see everyone and catch up. None of us live that far from each other, but sadly we dont see each other enough. The kids are all growing up so fast and so busy with all their activities. Such a fun get together and time with family!

My aunt gifts all the kids jammies to put on why they open gifts!
Cally, Kristiana and converse!
My cousin Amanda
My cousin Daniel
Uncle Dan and his girls Maggie and Molly

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Part 2

  1. What a beautiful blessing to have family together….celebrating…laughing …and enjoying life that was on pause thru Covid….fills one’s ❤️with joy….if I closed my eyes I could hear the life being lived in every picture….beautiful family….hugs…m


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