Our princess is 12!

Did you know a 12 year old these days is equivalent to a 16 year old back in my day 😂!? No but for real this “little” girl is growing up so fast. She is loving, kind, sassy, hilarious and wise beyond her years. She loves all things girly and we’ve surpassed the years of buying toys! We look forward to continuing to watch her grow into an amazing young lady!

The night we celebrated her birthday, we also celebrated my amazing in-laws who have been married for 50 years!!!! What an awesome milestone!!!

For her birthday, karalyn requested we drive through the lights at the fairgrounds! We love doing this every year and she wanted to make sure we went right away so we could get in the holiday spirit!

One thought on “Our princess is 12!

  1. A special girl….a special birthday….a special dad….a special mama bear…a special gift…and a special family… who fills our life and hearts… with the priceless gifts of love…happiness…treasured memories…and blessings…that only grow deeper with ever passing day. We love you all more than words can say or you’ll ever know…sharing our 50th with Kar’s birthday made it extra special for us….thanks to all of you…hugs and ❤️ Gramma and Gramma….m

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