How to save money on food!

Meal plan. That’s it. End of story 😂

Ok this might not be a new concept at all, but it’s one I’ve really wanted to concentrate on starting in the new year. Every weekend we plan our meals out for the week. We also try to include at least one new recipe. What we learned by doing this just in the last month:

*Our grocery bills are about $50-$75 cheaper each week

*we aren’t throwing away food at the end of the week

*we eat out WAY less

*from the recipes we have tried, we now have several new favorite meals!

We also go to Costco about once a month to stock up on bulk items!

I am truly blown away by how much we are saving. Just when food prices started to rise, our weekly spending average had decreased!!! This is also a huge feat as we eat gluten free in this house! I also love that by the weekend our fridge looks bare which is a great thing. It means we didn’t buy things we didn’t need and no food is being wasted!

Cheesesteak casserole 😋
Stuffed pepper casserole 😋
Chicken bacon ranch
Chicken pot pie
Pork chops, homemade mashed potatoes and asparagus 😋
Sweet potato skillet 😋

3 thoughts on “How to save money on food!

  1. High 🖐️…you go girl…first to your new recipes….then to the store for your weekly groceries …and last stop to the bank to deposit all your savings…It’s said life is easy… we make it hard‼️ I hear both your cheesesteak casserole and stuffed pepper casserole are 2👍meals…will need to get those recipes… Betty Crocker move over 😂😂😂… 💕…m


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