Mimi Day!

Did you see any pink butterflies flying around today? Ha aunt Mimi told us she was coming back as a pink butterfly and although i might not see them outside, i sure see them everywhere else! Here’s my favorite shirt that i truly believe looks like me with the pink butterfly!

8 years ago i had to say goodbye to my favorite aunt. My second mom. She was absolutely amazing. She never had children and she always told me that was so she could spoil me. And boy did she spoil me. Every fall she took me school shopping. As you can see in the photo below, that carried on way in to my adult life 😂. This is a photo of her and i out to breakfast after shopping, just months before she passed. The other photo is me holding her hand, as she took her last breaths.

Today the family and i headed to Lake Erie. This is where i go to talk to Mimi. 8 years ago, her husband and i took her shell of ashes out in Lake Erie for her final resting place. She now lives in the most beautiful lake!


It was beautiful out today and the sun was shining. The shores of Lake Erie were covered with ice and it was beautiful. I said hello to aunt Mimi and took a few deep breaths of the lake breeze!

Aunt Mimi always said to me “i love you to the moon and back!” I made sure as i was taking this photo that i said it back to her!

6 thoughts on “Mimi Day!

  1. Sending a tight hug filled with love on this bitter sweet day… time may pass …but those we love are with us always and forever…in memories when we need them…in moments when we feel them…and always in our ❤️ when we miss them….all we have to do is close our eyes…breathe….and we will see them…hear them…or feel them…. Thank you for sharing your Mimi Day and memories….what a special and cherished blessing you both shared to have each other…..🫶…m

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