Leg day gone wrong!

Well last Saturday started off normal. We woke up, relaxed with some coffee and then headed to the gym. It was leg day so we rotate around using the different machines. While john was going calf raises, i was doing the isolated leg lifts. Apparently he finished before me and headed to machine to grab his towel and phone. I didn’t see him and i switched to begin my last rep using my left leg. As i was lifting my leg i felt some resistance. I turned and saw my husband holding his head. He removed the towel from his head and there was a lot of blood. The arm of the machine had put a gash right on the top of his head. John, being his usual self, finished his workout with me. We ran to the bank and then out to lunch. Stream of blood running down his head and all. Ugh we must have looked like a real trashy couple. We returned home and took showers. His head would not stop bleeding. Off to the ER we went. An hour and a half and 2 staples later he was good as new! Ugh i felt terrible but it was just a freak accident! No concussion thank goodness!

This was the machine arm
“Sir do you feel safe at home!?” 😂

My weight is going up!

I’m getting stronger and increasing the pounds I’m lifting. My legs and core are definitely stronger than my arms but I’m making progress! It’s the only time I’m happy to say my weight is going up 😂 !

After working out we try and make sure to stretch. The early mornings cut this a little shorter but on the weekends we take our time! John has definitely benefited from this. His hamstrings and back aren’t so tight and he is less sore after a long day of work!

Happy New Year

Tada it’s a new year! We actually stayed up until midnight so we slept in a little longer this morning!

Morning hair, don’t care!

We started our day off with some homemade breakfast sandwiches and a beautiful walk through the park. The temp was about 40°, foggy and a slight mist in the air. We saw deer, squirrels, a young family and Santa! Yes Santa was indeed walking off all the sugar he ate over the last month!

Even the wildlife celebrate Christmas!
Do you see her?
He was talking to his deer friends
Deer whisperer

Quick lunch break. I ate a light low calorie meal so i could eat a heavier dinner!

While johns cooking dinner, I’m cleaning and taking down the trees! The house smells amazing! He made homemade pulled pork sandwiches, homemade sauerkraut balls (baked not fried so they were healthier) and I we air fried some French fries. D E L I C I O U S

This year i am going to focus my blog on our healthy lifestyle and all the adventures that come with it. Truly looking forward to another wonderful year!

My vision board!