Holland, MI

Ok full disclosure this city was way bigger than i expected. Our hotel was located in an area of the city surrounded by many stores and restaurants. We were about 10 minutes from the lake. Our first evening there we went out to eat, at Boatwerks, and then headed to the lighthouse. This is one of the top attractions. The lighthouse is referred to as Big Red and sits at the entrance of the channel connecting Lake Michigan with Lake Macatawa. The beach area is the largest beach we have ever seen. It is surrounded by bike paths, marinas, fishing piers, a playground and many areas to have a picnic. The area is absolutely beautiful!

Boatwerks where we ate dinner

Saturday Dazed

Summer weekends are always filled with so much fun! Today i woke up with the roosters and quickly started doing laundry so i could get it out of the way. Also ran to the grocery store and the dreadful gas station. I was excited gas was only $4.99 and that’s when i realized we have a real crisis going on. But anyways, i digress.

Now for the fun part of the day. I headed to Vermilion the second the laundry was finished. My brother, SIL, and niece arrived shortly after i did. We hung out with my parents and enjoyed the beautiful day. Cally was busy making bracelets in the hammock. Donny was cleaning out the gutters. Abby was enjoying watching everyone from the porch.

My brother and SIL wanted to go get lunch in town. Cally asked me if i would take her to the beach? Um yes lets go girl. So off we went. The temp was only in the mid 70’s so i soaked up the sun from the sand. My little mermaid went in the lake without hesitation. It was a wonderful afternoon and a great way to spend my time while my husband was tournament fishing!