Halloween Baby!

My youngest nanny kid turned 3 just four days before Halloween. We celebrated her at a family party and the weather was beautiful. It was a cool, but sunny, fall day in Ohio and the colors were magnificent! The kids enjoyed decorating pumpkins and some other fun games. Her theme was unicorns and my boss made her the most gorgeous cake. I know i say it all the time, but i am truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing family! They also have been so welcoming to “Mr” John and Karalyn!

Karalyn made this adorable unicorn out of clay for the birthday girl!

For Halloween my niece, Cally, dressed up as Wednesday and i think she nailed it!!!!

My niece always enters the most creative pumpkins in the contest at school!

The week leading up to Halloween, i allowed my baton students to wear costumes to class!! They always have fun dressing up. Even the older ones. You are never too old to dress up and have fun!

My birthday celebration in MI!

For my birthday dinner we ate at Salt and Peoper, a local restaurant in Holland, MI. It was so cute. Darker with a pub atmosphere. The walls were lined with salt and pepper shakers of all kinds. We had a wonderful waitress that fully understood gluten free. We enjoyed salads, steaks and a delicious flourless chocolate torte!!! It was a very special evening!

That evening we watched another incredible sunset over Lake Michigan!!!

Guess who is 42?!

Yay another year around the sun! I was blessed to celebrate with my family and John’s family over the weekend. On my actual birthday we were on vacation, which is also a blessing. We celebrated with delicious food, and ice cream cake and they spoiled me with gifts! I also celebrated with my amazing nanny family! All these wonderful humans make me feel special all year long and I’m so grateful for to call them all family!

New shoes from John
New sweatshirt from my work wife
From my work wife
New clothes i bought with my gift cards
How cute is this candle from my nanny family?
This is the cutest book 💕
Love this new gnome from my in-laws
That’s me! Love this hoody from my parents!
How cute is my new door wreath from a baton student!?
The most perfect towels!
My moms bestie knows me so well
New shirt from my brother, SIL and niece

Two, Four, SIX, EIGHT!!!

My oldest two nanny kids are turning 6 & 8! I can not believe it. This weekend we celebrate them both with a wonderful summer party. The oldest did a luau theme and her brother went with a jungle theme. The kids went on a jungle safari scavenger hunt to find animals in the “jungle.” Then the kids, and adults, played tropical charades! For dinner they had shrimp, corn on the cob, potatoes, sausage and a table full of themed treats. My nanny boss made the gorgeous cakes, as she does for every party! Nanny nana made the best Hawaiian drink! The entire backyard was transformed with themed tents and crafts for the kids to make! Inside there were two different photo areas, along with props of course! John and i are so blessed to have this amazing extended family in our lives!

Happy birthday Dad!

Independence Day is extra special because it is also my fathers birthday! What an awesome day to be born. You never have school/work (well he didn’t but some do), a parade, fireworks and all your family is gathered, enjoying great food and making memories.

New fishing hat
Our yearly selfie
My niece gets excited with paprika
This was a group effort but the taco salad turned out so cute
My brother took dad and Abby for a boat ride

Happy birthday to my person!

John turned 46! He’s like fine wine and keeps getting better with age! I had to work and coach on his actually birthday, so we celebrated the day before. He had Maya (Mexican) for dinner and i got him cookies and Buckeyes from Dick’s Bakery for his dessert. He is not a cake guy so i made sure to get him some of his favorite treats. John didn’t make me sing to him but i made sure he had candles to blow out. It was a nice evening together!

Build A Bear, Birthday, Baton

Another busy but fun week. My parents gifted my bonus daughter a gift card to build a bear so she could make a stuffed animal with a new heart like her. She chose the 25th anniversary heart puppy. It was perfect and she had fun making it. You’re never too old for a new stuffy!

Another year around the sun for my mother in law. We celebrated a little early so the girls could be there. My oldest bonus daughter had a friends party to go to but my youngest replaced her with her bestie 😂. We had a nice dinner and they enjoyed cake! Always fun to get together and celebrate a special day for a wonderful woman!

My alumni twirler is a senior on the Ohio State twirling team. They traveled to Disney for the twirlmania competition. They won 1st place and i could not be more happy for Sydney and her team!