Folino Family Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with my family the day after. It was nice to have the time to enjoy each other, without the rush of seeing other family. We started with gift giving. Afterwards John made us an amazing walleye dinner. Karalyn and i had chicken nuggets 😂. Everyone enjoyed dinner and I’m so glad i could catch all that walleye for them 😉. As we were finishing dinner and starting to enjoy some dessert, my aunt Vivian and Uncle Ty stopped by. They live in Cincinnati but were in town visiting family for the week. I just love spending time with them and i am so glad they were able to stop by!

Merry Christmas Part 2

In the early evening Mother Nature cooperated and we were able to travel to my aunt and uncles house. They only live about 30 minutes away, but if the roads were still slick, we weren’t going to plan on going. Gosh I’m glad it cleared up because this is the first time in 3 years, all the Folino’s were back together!!!!

My Folino Family
Brother Donny, niece Cally and SIL Brittany
John, Karalyn, Me
Dad and Mom
Aunt Terri and Uncle Dan with their grandchildren Jude, Kristiana, Sophia and Pierce
My cousin Amanda, her husband Jay, her brother Daniel and the 3 beautiful children
My cousin Rob, his wife Brittney and their daughter Sophia

It was so fun to see everyone and catch up. None of us live that far from each other, but sadly we dont see each other enough. The kids are all growing up so fast and so busy with all their activities. Such a fun get together and time with family!

My aunt gifts all the kids jammies to put on why they open gifts!
Cally, Kristiana and converse!
My cousin Amanda
My cousin Daniel
Uncle Dan and his girls Maggie and Molly

Merry Christmas

Well we indeed had a white Christmas. The days leading up to the holiday, we experienced a “blizzard” that was more arctic cold, strong winds and lots of ice, rather than large amounts of snow. It was absolutely brutal and one of the coldest Christmas days we’ve seen in Ohio in a long time!

Christmas morning finally began at 10am when Karalyn arrived. She was so excited to come over. She had been texting us all morning and had john meet her downstairs because she couldn’t wait to see him. She made us open our gifts before she even opened her gift from Santa 😮! She was so happy to gift me (and herself) mama bear and lil bear slippers. She has always called me mama bear and was so excited to find these. For her dad, she made the most incredible memory box. She worked hard on it for weeks and was so thrilled to actually give it to him. These were by far the best gifts we opened on Christmas!

When she finally got to her gifts, she was beyond excited to see that Santa had brought her a television for her room!

We enjoyed the morning with just the 3 of us exchanging gifts!

In the early afternoon, my in-laws came over to exchange gifts and also enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner with us. It was nice to have them over our house to share the special day.

John was gifted a larger watch box (his collection has grown) and inside was his grandfathers watch ❤️

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

A little bit of Christmas was sprinkled throughout the month!

This was probably one of my most favorite things. My older nanny kids made a sleigh that they were riding in. Next to them on the floor they made this scene using all miniature items. They were miniature you see because they were flying high above the world in their sleigh. Seriously i love their imagination!

Check out the road and cars!

Had to get my nails done for Christmas!

Our gym is always so festive and beautiful!

Our Christmas cards for 2022!

My friend gifted me a box of gluten free cookies that she was very busy making!

Our annual Pink Ladies Christmas party. One of my older students made a hot cocoa bar for everyone!

Every year i gift the girls an ornament that my amazing mother makes. This year she did a gnome!

Cally had her Christmas dance recital the same day Karalyn had her show choir Christmas performance. We were so grateful we were able to make both!!! They are so pretty!!!

The week of Christmas is always so busy, but i always make time to go to my aunt Terri’s house, with my mom, to help her wrap the million presents for her grandchildren! Maggie and Molly enjoy my visit!

Cally at the tree farm 🌲

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is my work party. I just love hanging out with my nanny family and seeing the excitement on the children’s faces!!!!

Really excited to discover the company MINUSG! Their mixes are the best gluten free mixes i have ever tasted. I made Santa’s cookies using their sugar cookie mix!!!

The house is all decorated and ready for the big day!!!