Grand Haven, MI

Well as a daughter, sister and niece to Coast Guard men, this was a real treat to see their Coast Guard Station. We walked up and down the beautiful boardwalk. We walked all around the station and as bonus we got to see a boat coming back in to harbor. The water was really rough that day, but it doesn’t stop the Coasties. We saw many “walking” groups, dogs, and families. There was a campground right on the beach and we both decided if we were ever camping, that would be the best place.

Can we now talk about the real star of the show….oh my goodness this is by far my favorite light house in MI. Every single light house in MI is gorgeous, but just something about this one captures my eye.

Sleeping Bear Point

Chapter 4…

Next stop….Sleeping Bear Point. We actually didn’t set out to go here, but on our way to the dunes we saw a sign. First we stopped to check out the old Glen Haven village. Although once a place where docks supplied fuel to steamers, it quickly became a village of farming, canning fruit and now tourism. There are only a few buildings. One is a general store, the second is an old blacksmith building and the large building on the water is the old cannery. This large building was a warehouse where they canned cherries in the early 1920’s. Today it is used as a small museum of historic boats that were used around Glen Haven.

After our tour of the village we headed just down the street to the old coast guard station and life saving building. Inside the museum Mary showed us all the boats and equipment they used from 1902-1939. The Lyle gun was my favorite. They fired this rescue line to boats in distress and used a pulley system to retrieve a stranded boat. The station moved because the sand dunes started to bury it. Behind the building are the tracks they used to transport the boats to and from the water!