J & J Diner summer edition

Steak and zucchini
Chicken Philly
Steak and potatoes
Spaghetti squash and non garlic bread
Turkey loin
Protein pancakes
Burgers and fries
Pork chop, veggies, rice
Smoked kielbasa, peppers and rice
Christmas in July stuffed peppers
Pork & potatoes
Grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup
Dinner salads
My favorite snack! Rice cake, PB2, strawberries
Steak tips and cheesy rice
Steak & corn on the cob 🌽
Pork, veggies, rice
Fajita burrito
Burrito bake
Burrito bake
Steak and potatoes
Blueberry protein pancakes
Strawberries and low carb quesadilla
Chicken pot pie 🥧
Zucchini boats
Grilled chicken and French fries!

J & J Diner reopening!

Hold the gluten….

Sadly over the past 8 weeks we haven’t been creating and cooking amazing meals. We absolute love cooking together and eating healthy meals at home.

Sadly my immune system was attacking my body for reasons we don’t know. Rashes, abdominals pain, asthmatic issues, racing heart, dizzy spells, had become the new normal. Several visits to the ER. Many doctor visits. Blood work. CT scans. Heart monitor. X-rays. No answers. Finally we got smart and switched from university hospitals over to the Cleveland Clinic. I found the most PCP who got me in immediately to see an immunologist. The universe finally aligned! Through what seemed like a billion more blood test, we maybe had an answer 😂. Most of my tests were normal which was bitter sweet. Nothing was giving us that home run answer we were looking for. We did discover i had Hashimoto disease, but my thyroid functions are normal. So now we have discovered i have an autoimmune disease. What the doctors think happened is i had some sort of virus (possibly even Covid) and it caused my immune system to flare and my entire system went out of whack. Basically for weeks i was reacting to anything and everything. It was absolutely miserable. So after living on gluten free bread, gluten free noodles and vegan butter, my body started to heal. So now I’m a week in to introducing real food to my body. I’m not in the clear by any means because I’m still dealing with stomach aches and my body relies heavily on antihistamines every 12 hours.

Bottom line between being gluten intolerant and having endometriosis and now Hashimoto disease, i need to keep gluten out of my diet like 99% of the time. I use to be able to incorporate it more often but that’s not the case anymore. I also need to watch my dairy intake. Anti inflammatory foods are the key to feeling my best!

So with all that being said, we are back to cooking together again. Just this time around we will hold the gluten!

We love salads
Homemade gluten free chicken nuggets
Local farm fresh eggs 🥚 from Jimmy’s chickens
Fresh walleye caught today, rice, asparagus
Grilled chicken salad, rice, asparagus