Fall Fishing in flip flops!

Northeast Ohio is clearly confused. The forecast is high 70’s and low 80’s for the first few weeks!

No complaints here though. It’s strange to see all the fall decorations while wearing shorts, tank tops and flip flops but we all know i love summer. Today we went out fishing and it was so warm. A beautiful afternoon before a storm rolled in. Enjoying every moment of nice weather while we can!

We saw about a dozen small planes heading east to beat the storms!

The sights and sounds of October!

The weather in northeast Ohio is a little odd so far this October. The morning and nights have a chill in the air, but the days are humid and the sun is hot. The outlook for this month shows we are on target to tie the record for high humidity days of 12+! It’s kind of a mix of fall and summer and you know I’m loving that!

However the playgrounds are quiet and i am quickly reminded summer is over. This summer the parks were filled with kids, families and child cares. Now we usually just see a few people walking dogs and an occasional younger child.

The quietness isn’t all bad because now we can really hear nature. The leaves crunch under our feet during our morning walks. The crickets and birds can’t always be seen, but we can definitely hear them. We can hear the ducks splashing into the pond and we love to count how many we see. The trees sway and make loud sounds, similar to a beautiful i windy day, but it’s just the squirrels jumping from branch to branch!

The leaves have just begun to change colors but the recent rain has caused many leaves to start falling. We enjoy finding the colored leaves on the ground!

I wonder how this humidity will affect the leaves? Will they change colors before they all fall to the ground? Will they not fall as fast?

Craft show season!

Well my husband woke me up before the roosters this morning and asked if i wanted to go fishing. I thought about it for a minute and then he told me he made me breakfast and coffee. I quickly jumped out of bed!!! I decided i wasn’t going to join the boys but i would go hang out with the girls!

This is the first craft show I’ve been to in 2 years thanks to the stupid Corona virus going around 🤣. This was nice. It was in the small town of Birmingham, Ohio and it was all outdoors. My mom, Annalee and i love going to craft shows and this was a great way to kick off the fall season! I only bought a few jewelry pieces but i loved looking at all they had. The moms enjoyed some fresh baked cherry pies that the church ladies made. They had a coffee truck their so i treated my self to a sugar free s’mores iced coffee. Mom bought some candles that smelled amazing and Annalee grabbed a funky looking pumpkin on the way out. We shared lots of laughs and enjoyed spending time together. The boys went fishing and also had a lot of fun!