Guess who is 42?!

Yay another year around the sun! I was blessed to celebrate with my family and John’s family over the weekend. On my actual birthday we were on vacation, which is also a blessing. We celebrated with delicious food, and ice cream cake and they spoiled me with gifts! I also celebrated with my amazing nanny family! All these wonderful humans make me feel special all year long and I’m so grateful for to call them all family!

New shoes from John
New sweatshirt from my work wife
From my work wife
New clothes i bought with my gift cards
How cute is this candle from my nanny family?
This is the cutest book 💕
Love this new gnome from my in-laws
That’s me! Love this hoody from my parents!
How cute is my new door wreath from a baton student!?
The most perfect towels!
My moms bestie knows me so well
New shirt from my brother, SIL and niece

Home Days

We enjoyed home days at home 😂. No we spent the evening at my in-laws house with my parents. We ate some subs and all just hung out. That evening we enjoyed the fireworks from the front yard. It was a beautiful summer night. Abby didn’t seemed bothered by the fireworks at all. She stood and watched the grand finale as if she was thinking “what the heck is going on!”

Play Ball 🥎

It’s tournament weekend for Cally. Over Memorial Day weekend, Cally has many games lined up. She is on a young team and they’ve never all played together, but you can tell they are learning and getting a little better each game. I love watching Cally play a sport that i enjoyed so much!

Secret talent?
Clearing a huge age difference
Stealing bases

It was a fun family day! Cally has the best squad 😉


It was truly so special to celebrate the holiday all together. No separate meals. No FaceTime. Just all together under one roof….well almost everyone. Our girls didn’t spend the weekend with us because their mother had COVID and obviously they were exposed. They stayed at her house so that we could keep everyone else safe.

we love our niece so much
Poppy and Grandma
My SIL, brother and niece
Papaw (?) i always forget what she calls him!
The mom’s
My favorite men
“The adventureful is mine but i needed it because i was short one cookie. It’s just like a thin mint but without the mint!” -Cally 😂
The John’s
Cally and i made gnomes!
We wanted to play outside!
how awesome is this box of chalk we got Cally!?
Abby loves road trips!

Despite not having the girls, John still smoked the ham and we enjoyed a nice dinner together. My mother in law gave us an easter basket. How cute is the pink gnome!!! She bought me some gluten free snacks. So sweet!

Easter crafts with my nanny kids

The Legend Has Retired!

Well my father has finally retired. I can not be more happy and excited for him. He has worked hard his entire life and now its his time to enjoy the next chapter of his life! We surprised him with a family dinner at Marconi’s in Huron, Ohio. My family, my brothers family and my aunt and uncle were all there to celebrate this special day. We shared stories and lots of laughs. The Italian food was delicious. My sister-in-law had a beautiful cake made for him from the Pink Bandana. The flavor was blueberry pancake. It tasted like a sugary blueberry muffin, which is a favorite of mine and my dads. The entire night was absolutely perfect and I’m glad we could make it happen!

Mom made these adorable decorations