A scene from a movie…

The morning of the Fourth of July our lake community, Mitiwanga, has a parade for anyone to participate. Renters and permanent residents look forward to this every year. This has been a tradition for decades. Here is a photo of my aunt in this parade when she was just a little girl.

The children decorate their bikes an scooters. Everyone has on their patriotic outfits. Adults decorate their golf carts and dogs! It’s really a special moment to see them all ride up and down the streets while my mom plays patriotic music. Guests and residents stand outside their homes and cheer us on. It’s kind of a reverse parade, as they pass out candy and treats to us as we ride by. This year the president of Mitiwanga passed out coloring sheets and a gift certificate for the local ice cream shop, Pied Piper, to all the children!

Happy birthday Dad!

Independence Day is extra special because it is also my fathers birthday! What an awesome day to be born. You never have school/work (well he didn’t but some do), a parade, fireworks and all your family is gathered, enjoying great food and making memories.

New fishing hat
Our yearly selfie
My niece gets excited with paprika
This was a group effort but the taco salad turned out so cute
My brother took dad and Abby for a boat ride

Baby You’re a Firework

Best firework show we have ever seen…

Monday evening our little lake community put on the best firework show the four of us have ever seen. Every year our community, as well as others, always put on a private firework show at the beach. Usually the street next to our community puts on a wonderful show. Well this year Mitiwanga out did them!

The night started off with the perfect sunset. It kind of set the mood and created the perfect backdrop for the events ahead.

The lake was filled with people. I have never in my life seen so many people sitting on our lake front. One family had a table set up and were making cotton candy for the kids. Another family had a face painting station, where high school girls were painting all the younger children’s faces. Families were sitting in chairs and on blankets, barely leaving any open grass on the lakefront. Children were rolling down the hill and running around. Mostly you just saw the flash of a glow stick running by. Our local neighbor was sitting on his deck with music playing from large speakers. It was truly a time all families came together to enjoy the evening!

My parents opted to watch the fireworks from the front porch so they could be home with Abby 🐶 so she wouldn’t be scared. Us kids went to the beach so we could enjoy all the excitement!

In years past, the street next to our community always put on the best show. Ironically it’s a family i grew up with in Berea, Ohio. Small world. Anyways back to the fireworks. So every year we all looked forward to their show. Well this year Mitiwanga showed them up! They went first from their pier and it was impressive but we quickly realized that was just the appetizer to the main course our community was ready to put before us! The first pier in Mitiwanga lasted about 20 minutes straight and WOW it was non stop amazing bursts in the sky. Everything from sizzlers to the booms you felt inside your chest! Just when we though we had reached the grand finale, a second pier started up their show! What??? It was another 10 minute show of amazing fireworks. We sat and watched fireworks for about 45 minutes straight!!! The best part is when it was over we just walked a few houses down to our parents house!

Grindstone Parade

The annual grindstone parade in Berea, Ohio is always held during the Independence Day holiday. It was in the high 80’s and apparently some of my students haven’t played outside much this summer 😂. Heard some moaning and groaning the last leg of the mile parade route!!! Overall great parade and my twirlers did a nice job!

My niece is getting so tall

Rep Monique Smith (who is running for Ohio House) asked us if she could get a photo with us to post on her page 💕