Summer Through My Lens

Week 5

Monday was the Fourth of July. This has to be one of my favorite holidays. Fireworks, family, good food, parades, beach day and of course we celebrate my fathers birthday!


Tuesday morning i was woke up by the sound of thunder. It was a pretty intense summer storm and of course it arrived early in the morning. We took our time packing up and heading home. On the way we stopped at Cabelas to see if we could get a life jacket for me to use on our friends boat. We DID NOT buy this ridiculous coat guard life jacket but we thought it was funny how huge it was on me!


After dropping the older kids off at camp, the younger one and i walked around the trails. We just love this metal sculpture of a bee and a flower!


The president was in Cleveland on Wednesday. The next day my nanny boy and i saw this awesome plane coming in for a landing at the local airport. It was so big and flew right over the playground. He was amazed! We think it was a Boeing C17 Globe Master III (large military transport aircraft)


Softball Saturday!!!! Absolutely love watching my niece and her travel team play ball! They have grown so much individually and as a team this season!


Swingin in Solon

Our niece Cally had another softball 🥎 tournament this weekend. She played Friday night, twice on Saturday and again on Sunday. We were able to make both her games on Saturday. She played right field, left field, 2nd base and pitched. She has grown so much as a player in just a short amount of time. She is quick to backup others during a play. She is swinging her bat and not letting good pitches go past her. She is fielding the ball and aware of where they play is happening. And she is one hell of a base stealer!!!! We truly enjoy watching her play. She is on a new team and there aren’t many other 9U teams so she usually ends up playing a 10U team. They won their first game on Saturday and to be there to witness the excitement the girls felt, was indescribable. i was so happy for this new (young) team of girls! Their coach was also so proud of them and treated them all to ice cream after their game on Sunday. Seeing them all grow as a team is better than winning any game!!!

These girls are ready to play
Left field
Backing up 3rd
Great hit
Stealing 2nd
Perfect slide
Stealing 3rd
Stole 3rd
Getting ready to steal home
Pop fly
Caught a pop fly
Running the bases after their win
Aunt Debby and Uncle Dan came all the way from Florida!
We love our niece
Poppy and Grandma
My parents are the cutest
#1 fans

Cally weekend!

My favorite question is “you up for a sleepover with Cally!?” Um yes we would love to spend time with our niece! John was fishing during the day so Cally and i went the water safety event downtown Berea. She signed her waiver for water safety and received a book and other gifts!

Next we went and played on the playground. It was 90° outside but it was beautiful! We also walked around the art festival and got some ice cream.

Later that evening we went to watch my nanny girl dance at her recital. It was a wonderful weekend and we are blessed to spend the time with Cally!