Woolly Bear Parade

This year we marched in the 50th Woollybear parade. It’s the largest one day festival in the state of Ohio and the parade is equally as large. My twirlers love being a part of it every year and it’s in my favorite town so it’s a win for everyone!

Roseanna, Karalyn and me
My niece Emma and my daughter Karalyn
My niece Peyton
Local fox 8 tv celebrities Lou and Mackenzie
My dad, husband and daughter
Our mascot Abby

A scene from a movie…

The morning of the Fourth of July our lake community, Mitiwanga, has a parade for anyone to participate. Renters and permanent residents look forward to this every year. This has been a tradition for decades. Here is a photo of my aunt in this parade when she was just a little girl.

The children decorate their bikes an scooters. Everyone has on their patriotic outfits. Adults decorate their golf carts and dogs! It’s really a special moment to see them all ride up and down the streets while my mom plays patriotic music. Guests and residents stand outside their homes and cheer us on. It’s kind of a reverse parade, as they pass out candy and treats to us as we ride by. This year the president of Mitiwanga passed out coloring sheets and a gift certificate for the local ice cream shop, Pied Piper, to all the children!

Grindstone Parade

The annual grindstone parade in Berea, Ohio is always held during the Independence Day holiday. It was in the high 80’s and apparently some of my students haven’t played outside much this summer 😂. Heard some moaning and groaning the last leg of the mile parade route!!! Overall great parade and my twirlers did a nice job!

My niece is getting so tall

Rep Monique Smith (who is running for Ohio House) asked us if she could get a photo with us to post on her page 💕

Summer In The City

Parade #2

Well my students did another amazing job marching in the Middleburg Hts parade. It was just over 100° with the heat index which is not ideal for performing outside. The length of the parade was about a mile and a half. They performed their routine 6 times. I did my best to keep them hydrated between performances. I also sprayed the back of their necks to keep them cool! They all survived but they were exhausted! I was very proud of all of them!

Memorial Day Parade

As a daughter and sister of veterans, i am honored to march in this parade every year. In our baton twirling world, it’s the kick off to summer. But it’s also a day to remember those who gave it all to give us our freedom!!!

This year was a little extra special because it was the first time they’ve had a parade since 2019! We were very happy to finally perform in front of such a large crowd of people!

After the parade we headed to my in-laws we’re our families enjoyed lunch all together. It was really nice and I’m so happy our parents were together to help us kick off summer!

My step-daughter and myself
Abby found some shade!

Woolly Bear Parade!

Finally we were able to perform in another parade. Only our second one in a year and a half. This is one of our favorites. It’s the largest one day festival in the state of Ohio. The entire parade is a few hours long. Lots of local celebrities, king and queens, floats, marching bands, fancy cars and of course baton twirlers from all over.

Our Pink Ladies families arrive in town during the mid morning hours so they can enjoy the festival. Early afternoon the drop the girls off to me to get ready for the parade. We wait about an hour for our turn!

We performed our routine about 9 times during the one mile route. It’s the longest one mile ever 🤣. The girls did absolutely amazing and I’m so happy they had another chance to perform!

The coaches
The coaches with Madison from the Deputies
Ben and coach Jaime
John and me
My bonus daughters and me
The crew. John, my mom and dad
Can’t forget Abby
Our placement in the parade
Watching until our turn
Practicing our routine