A very Covid wedding!

This past Friday we were able to finally celebrate the marriage of Rachael and Dan. They were married two years ago during the beginning of Covid!

Rachael was one of my baton twirling students. She twirled with the Pink Ladies baton corp from the ages 6-20! She was also one of my Olmsted falls majorettes. We obviously became very close and her family is so sweet. I am so honored i was invited to her wedding. Jaime, who is also a Pink Ladies alum and now coaches for me, was also invited!

There reception was intimate and very nice. Santos catered dinner and a local bakery made the beautiful cupcakes. They had a DJ playing music and the Girl Scouts serving drinks. Ok that part isn’t true but the bartenders wore green vests and i thought they looked like Girl Scouts!

Jaime, Ben, John and I had a fun evening together!

Grindstone Parade

The annual grindstone parade in Berea, Ohio is always held during the Independence Day holiday. It was in the high 80’s and apparently some of my students haven’t played outside much this summer 😂. Heard some moaning and groaning the last leg of the mile parade route!!! Overall great parade and my twirlers did a nice job!

My niece is getting so tall

Rep Monique Smith (who is running for Ohio House) asked us if she could get a photo with us to post on her page 💕

Summer In The City

Parade #2

Well my students did another amazing job marching in the Middleburg Hts parade. It was just over 100° with the heat index which is not ideal for performing outside. The length of the parade was about a mile and a half. They performed their routine 6 times. I did my best to keep them hydrated between performances. I also sprayed the back of their necks to keep them cool! They all survived but they were exhausted! I was very proud of all of them!

Ohio State Competition-Teams

Day 2 flew by. We all met at the arena at 7:30am. The competition began at 8am. We had 6 teams competing out of 83. They were spaced apart just enough to make the competition go by fast. Thanks to covid this was about half of my twirlers first time to states. They were nervous but they performed like they do this everyday. I like to think i had them all very prepared. They seemed to really be enjoying themselves on the floor. That’s all i ask of them. Have fun!!!!

Pink Gold
Pretty in Pink
Pink Diamonds
Stronger in Pink
Pink Passion

After all the teams were finished we all met behind the curtain to line up for the Parade of Teams. My girls all said that once they started twirling it wasn’t that bad!! Super proud to see them all smiling and having fun together. All of the teams entered the floor one at a time and found a seat on the floor for the upcoming award ceremony. Four of my six teams placed in the top of their division and we all walked away feeling good about our performances!

3rd Pretty in Pink
2nd Pink Gold
1st Pink Passion
1st Pink Diamonds

Ohio State Competition-Soloists

Day 1 was a very long day. From 8am-6pm we were busy with all our soloist. They did 2 baton, USTA strut, marches, presentation, pairs, solo, and artistic twirl. Each twirler was so good at warming themselves up and practicing in the designated area. Also a huge shoutout to the parents for making sure their daughters were close by a few sets ahead of their performance. I am so incredibly proud at how all of them performed. They had wonderful attitudes and showed exception sportsmanship. The girls gave it there all! It was a day of amazing male and female twirlers and i was just so proud to be the coach of my twirlers!

Ohio State Competition-Night One

Friday afternoon my husband and i began our road trip to southern Ohio. It was only about a 3 hour drive but man was it raining hard. Luckily the heavy rained seemed to disappear when we got to mid ohio. I, of course, had to make a potty stop when we got near Columbus. My husband, conveniently, found a huge Cabela’s to stop at. It was nice to break up the drive and walk around. This place was so big and had a much better selection of clothing then our local one has. Definitely worth the drive and we will go back!

We arrived at the hotel around 4pm. We decided to go grab dinner before it got crowded. Boy am i glad we made that decision. As we were leaving outback, 45 minutes later, they were turning people away because the wait was over an hour and a half long.

That evening my other coach, Roseanna, arrived in town. We told her to go grab food and come eat in our room. The 3 of us enjoyed a relaxing evening in. The ninja mom’s were hard at work though…..they were decorating all the Pink Ladies doors. It was the sweetest thing and I’m so blessed to have these parents as part of my team!