Vacation time!

We are up and ready to head out of town. Well John and I….sorry Abby you have to stay with mom and dad!

We headed to Michigan from my parents house Monday morning! It was a beautiful morning and we were excited to spend the week out of town! We of course had to stop at one of the huge Cabela stores in Dundee, Michigan. John wasn’t kidding when he told me the store was large. It was the size of a mall 😂. I also couldn’t believe all the animal displays they had. Dick Cabela sure has hunted a lot of different species! The way they had them all displayed was so creative. I was blown away!

We of course had to stop at Tim Hortons before hitting the road again. How cute is this coffee shop???

We finally made it to the hotel and when i tell you we made it just in time, i am not kidding. As we were driving the last few minutes, the sky turned black. As we entered the hotel, the sky opened up. It was like a monsoon and oh my goodness so much lightning. I’ve never seen anything like it. We later found out that area was hit pretty hard and there was a lot of people without power. We were spared but yikes was it scary. So glad we were not driving during it!