My weight is going up!

I’m getting stronger and increasing the pounds I’m lifting. My legs and core are definitely stronger than my arms but I’m making progress! It’s the only time I’m happy to say my weight is going up 😂 !

After working out we try and make sure to stretch. The early mornings cut this a little shorter but on the weekends we take our time! John has definitely benefited from this. His hamstrings and back aren’t so tight and he is less sore after a long day of work!

Healthy new year-Week 1

Well we are a week into 2022. We’ve had a little bit of snow and several days of below freezing temps. Its been an exhausting week for John, who delivers in these frigid temps. The week always seems longer for me, since i get less outdoor time with the kiddos and i miss my walks.

It’s competition month which means a lot of extra activity for me. I’m actually sore after coaching from demonstrating the same floor work over and over again. I also stand in for the missing girls who are out with covid!

Twinning Tuesday!

My goal this year was to incorporate weights into my workouts. Some of the benefits are: Increased muscle mass, increased metabolism, slowing of bone density loss, better quality of sleep, improved body image, more energy, improved overall health, reduce risk of cancer, and a leaner/tone body! Thank goodness my husband enjoys weight training because i have no idea what to do!

John got me some new workout clothes for Christmas. They are from Victoria Secrets and so cute but honestly their sports line is my favorite for quality workout clothes!

Think i could be one of their workout angels 👼?

Every week i do a transition photo. The side by side is more motivating to me than the numbers on the scale. I’m down 17 inches between my waist and hips and 44.5lbs. Most importantly i feel really good and that’s all i wanted!